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New Lockdown


Christmas at Our Lady Immaculate.

Within Father’s message within the Bulletin for Christ the King, he considers what might be the situation for churches at Christmas, and we sincerely hope to have Mass at our church over Christmas for as many people as would like to attend

It would be really useful if you could email or give Father a call, to let us know if you would like to attend Mass at Christmas at Our Lady Immaculate and also let us know how many in you family group might attend.

This information, in conjunction with our limited church capacity, will help us decide how many Masses will be required over the Octave of Christmas, when these might be and how many Stewards might be required.


Churches closed from 5th November until further notice.


Our church, along with all others, is now closed until further notice. The closure of the church is in line with current Government guidance which can be found here: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/new-national-restrictions-from-5-november

Throughout the new Lockdown, Fr. Maurice will say a strictly private Mass each day at 9.30am and parishioners can be in Spiritual Communion with him during these Masses.

Please also find attached a Pastoral Letter from the Bishop on this Remembrance Sunday.



Public Mass on Wednesday 4th – tickets for final event (this month) going fast!

as things stand, the public Mass at 9.30am this Wednesday 4th November at Our Lady Immaculate Pateley Bridge will be the last until early December.

Tickets are still available for Wednesday and we feel that we have made attending church as safe as it can be, so if you wish to attend on Wednesday please book your tickets on-line or call Father Maurice on 04123 711277 between 2.00pm and 5.00pm today, Tuesday 3rd.

Father Maurice would also like to bring to your attention two documents from the Diocese in relation to the forthcoming 2nd Lockdown. These will be on the parish website shortly and can also be found here: 2020.10.31 – Statement – PMs Statement – FINAL  and The Rt Hon Boris Johnson MP 01.11.20 +MS.


Church re-opening – from 30/08/2020
Booking in advance is mandatory

We have begun having Masses again at Our Lady Immaculate and St. Joseph’s. Booking in advance is mandatory without exception – apologies in advance but attendees without a booking will be turned away at the door. The means to book a place for yourself and your household are as follows:

Online via the Parish’s Eventbrite web page – Book ticket(s) for a Mass at Our Lady Immaculate

The cut-off times for booking tickets are:

–  For Masses on a Sunday – 7:00 pm on the prior Saturday for online bookings

–  For Masses on a Wednesday – 5:30 pm on the prior Tuesday for online bookings

If you are unable to use the Online Booking System, you can still book tickets to attend Mass by telephone. Please call Father Maurice on 01423 711277 at the following times: Tuesday and Thursday from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm.

In all cases you will have to provide your name, the number and name of all attendees in your group and telephone numbers and / or email address. Any personal information is gathered for attendee validational and NHS Track and Trace purposes only and will be deleted after 21 days.

Full details on booking and attending church after re-opening can be found in the attached document – Attendee Guidance.


20/09/2020 – Church re-opening
A message from Father Maurice

After a couple of weeks of having Masses, numbers are quite low and with infections going up at the moment this is not surprising. Please keep on praying for those who become seriously ill from catching coronavirus and those who die of it, and let’s go on praying that a cure will be found soon.

13/09/2020 – Church re-opening
A message from Father Maurice

This is the third Sunday of having Masses in church after the lockdown, we have not been over booked which indicates that many of you are being understandably cautious. I think some people who have started to come back to Mass have been in a quandary over it, and have had to make a decision. Some of you will have made a decision not to come back yet, please feel comfortable with this, and come back in your own time.

I am grateful to the people who are working so hard to put all the arrangements in place so that we can have Mass. At the moment we are having two Masses a weekT, and this feels right for the moment, in time we will get back to a normal Mass time table, there will be things to consider before this comes into effect.

06/09/2020 – Church re-opening
A message from Father Maurice

The new system for going to Mass appears to be working well, new roles and instructions are being followed, we are all trying to keep each other safe and we are fully booked online for Sundays the next few weeks, with a few telephone tickets still available. But places continue to be available for Wednesdays and so if you are able to attend mid-week then please book on online or by telephone.

Public Masses have begun again in our church and we seem to have got off to a good start, let’s pray that things continue to go well, that everyone gets the hang of the process of registering for Mass, and that before too long we are back to normal again.

23/08/2020 – Church re-opening
A message from Father Maurice

Next Sunday 30th August we begin having Masses again at Our Lady Immaculate and St. Joseph’s. For the time being there will be a Mass at 11.00am / 9.30am respectively on Sunday and a Mass at 9.30am on Wednesday / Thursday respectively.
Details of how to register to come to Mass are shown at the top of this page and you will find everything you need to know in the following document – .

Please do not book to attend the rehearsal event on Wednesday 26th August.

 16/08/2020 – Church re-opening
A message from Father Maurice

A meeting will take place in the church on Monday to discuss the plans, details, tasks, timetabling, etc. for the church re-opening. Provided that certain strict conditions are met and the Diocese re-opening checklist has been successfully submitted, we can’t see any reason why we can’t resume Masses again on Sunday the 30th August.

Initially the plan is for Masses on Sunday at both Our Lady Immaculate and St Joseph’s and Our Lady Immaculate on Wednesday and St Joseph’s on Thursday. This alleviates some of the cleaning requirements but at the same time please be aware that this will not be a return to normal as strict regulations will have to be observed.

09/08/2020 – Church re-opening
A message from Father Maurice

Last Thursday the health and safety officer came and did measurements and marked on the benches the places where people will be able to sit. Soon
there will be a meeting of volunteers to look at the whole process of coming to Mass. After that we will arrange some sort of process of you being able to register to come to Mass. I have to decide what Masses I am going to say. It seems apparent by now that not many people are coming out to Mass, and it is important that I tell you there is no obligation to go to Mass at the present time. I think people have to make their own decision about when they feel the right time is for them to go Mass.

25/07/2020 – Our Lady Immaculate
A message from Fr. Maurice Pearce:

I have arranged for the Diocesan Health and Safety Officer to visit the church on Thursday 6 August.  I am hoping that he will agree to our opening up for Mass in the near future.  If he does agree, he will tell us how many people will be able to come to Mass, the number will be quite small, he will also work out a one way system for people entering the church, being in the church for the duration of Mass, and leaving the church at the end of Mass.  In addition to this he will want to be sure we are able to supply stewards to supervise this at every Mass said, and cleaners to clean the church after every Mass.

As you all know you have to register to go to Mass, and you can register as an individual or as a family (a family counts as an individual as they can be together in one bench).  So if we do get the go ahead a system will be put in place for you to register to go to Mass.  Just to remind you again not a lot of people will be able to go to any given Mass, but hopefully there will be several Masses a week.  Also to remind you there is still no obligation to go to Sunday Mass, I should think it will be some time before it is re-imposed.  Let’s all pray that something will start happening for us soon.

In the meantime, if you would be prepared make yourself available as a steward or to clean after Mass in order to allow the church to open in the future, please call or email me at office.ourladyimmaculate@dioceseofleeds.org.uk to register this interest in the first instance.

05/07/2020 – Our Lady Immaculate
A message from Fr. Maurice Pearce:

Unfortunately, Our Lady Immaculate in Pateley Bridge cannot open for Mass at the moment, we simply cannot pass a health and safety risk assessment.

Please see the full message and additional information from Bishop Marcus and the Diocese here: https://www.dioceseofleeds.org.uk/reopening-our-churches-updates/


17/05/2020 – The first readings throughout Easter and Eastertide
A message from Fr. Maurice Pearce:

Last week I mentioned that the first readings during this season are from The Acts of the Apostles. In today’s reading (Acts 8:5-8,14-17) Philip goes to a Samaritan town and converts the people there, how does he do this? Then Peter and John follow.

What got them out of Jerusalem? Since you’ve all been reading Acts, you’ll know it was persecution. Do you believe this? Some of the apostles stay in Jerusalem, James, the brother of the Lord (according to St. Paul) stays in Jerusalem until his death in 62AD, so he stayed in Jerusalem for about 30 years. James was killed at the behest of the high priest, but other citizens of Jerusalem (not part of the Jesus movement) so disapproved of this that the high priest lost his job.

Ask yourselves, how much persecution was there in Jerusalem during the 40 years between the Resurrection and the destruction of Jerusalem. Ask yourselves why was Jesus killed in Jerusalem but not his followers. Can you find answers in The Acts of the Apostles? Remember it was written after the destruction of Jerusalem. The only documents we have written before this are the letters of St. Paul.

Remember also that the word of God is sacramental, in a period when you cannot receive the Eucharist, how about reading the Word of God, Acts and St. Paul in particular?

10/05/2020 – The first readings throughout Easter and Eastertide
A message from Fr. Maurice Pearce:

The first readings throughout Easter and Eastertide are from the Acts of Apostles. They tell us about the growing Jerusalem Church after the Resurrection; and then the missionary journeys of St. Paul. Try thinking about the conversion of St. Paul in the Acts of the Apostles in the light of St. Paul’s letter to the Galatians 1:11-24. Ask yourselves was St. Paul in Jerusalem persecuting the followers of Jesus when Acts says he was.

Acts was probably written around 80 A.D., the letter to the Galatians around 57-8 A.D. After the resurrection, the Jesus Movement remained a sect within Judaism. A conflict developed between St. Paul and other apostles over whether converts to the Jesus Movement had to be circumcised, observe Jewish dietary laws, in short become members of Judaism. How did this conflict work out? Look at Acts and Galatians and have a think.

01/05/2010 – Pope’s 2 new prayers for May
Vatican News – Letter on the Month of May – Full text, including prayers


25/04/2020 – Please pray for people who are finding the lockdown quite a strain
A message from Fr. Maurice Pearce:

Please pray for people who are finding the lock down a considerable strain.

I have talked to people on the phone who are experiencing anxiety, these are elderly people who are living by themselves and are completely cut off from direct contact with family and friends, please keep people like this in your prayers.

Also keep in your prayers people who are too close to each other in a confined space.

23/04/2020 – Masses for frontline carers and the sick, and funerals of recently deceased priests
A message from Mgr Jim Curry of Parish of Our Lady of Victories, Kensington–London

Dear parishioners and Friends

Every Thursday evening, at 7pm, a bishop, in turn, will celebrate Mass in his cathedral, live streamed, for all those frontline workers in the NHS and care homes, for the sick and their families. The first one will be celebrated by the Cardinal tomorrow evening in Westminster Cathedral and can be viewed live at churchservices.tv/westminster, on the cathedral’s website (westminstercathedral.org.uk) and on our diocesan website (rcdow.org.uk).

The dates, locations and live-streaming information (link in the name of the cathedral) for the next five Masses have also been announced. They are as follows:

30 April: Bishop Richard Moth, Arundel Cathedral

7 May: Bishop Marcus Stock, Leeds Cathedral

14 May: Bishop Robert Byrne CO, Newcastle Cathedral

21 May: Bishop Mark Davies, Shrewsbury Cathedral

28 May: Bishop Terence Drainey, Middlesbrough Cathedral

This information is available widely, but please do share it with any parishioners who may not have seen it.

I have also been asked to share with you the following information about funerals for recently-deceased priests:

Mgr Fred Miles, died on 06/04/2020. Burial on 28 April

Fr John Helm, died on 07/04/2020. Burial on 11 May

Mgr John Coghlan, died on 1104/2020. Cremation on Friday 1 May

Fr John Seabrook, died on 14/04/2020. Burial on 7 May

May they rest in peace

Mgr Jim


12/04/2020 – Easter Bulletin item “Help in the Community”
Some contact points are to be found in the link below in response to the Easter Bulletin item “Help in the Community” .

Joint Message from Pateley Bridge Town Council and Bewerley Parish Council

04/04/2020 – Watching the Mass on the internet
A couple of alternative sources for Masses online:

1. Diocese of Westminster, this give a list of Mass times throughout the week:

2. Church Services TV. A site that broadcasts services throughout the UK and Ireland with all day links to the churches shown.



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